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Our Philosophy:  Cost-effective solutions depend not only on the skillful use of appeal and hearing procedures,
but also on an understanding and use of the practical, political agendas that drive the actions of regulatory bodies.

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Alibaba: a dynamic b2b Website based in Beijing, China
California Attorney General Charitable Trust
California State Contractors’ License Board
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Law Offices of Alan I. Kaplan
12100 Wilshire Boulevard
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The Challenge 

confronted with an increasingly complex competitive environment that relentlessly squeezes profits and challenges business leaders to offer greater quality (or the appearance of greater quality) and lower prices to an increasingly sophisticated consumer base. The result has been greater consolidation to drive down production costs, or the creation of "boutique" businesses that create value based on the uniqueness of their offerings.

Building Relationships:
Our business attorneys assist individuals and corporations with legal contract development, trading partnerships, and other business relationships. We also enforce the rights that arise in such settings through business mediation, arbitration, and litigation.

New Entities:
We provide incorporation services, as well as the creation of partnerships, LLPs, and other business organizations. Our services are also extended to Asian and European businesses that wish to expand their markets in the US or to enforce or defend contractual rights.

Our Philosophy:
We strongly believe that the amount of leverage that a business can exert in any transaction is directly related to its ability to gather and act on current information about the economic and legal environment, and to identify any business adversaries that may exist. We pride ourselves on the ability to acquire and use such information in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Public Service:
We represent a number of nonprofit corporations, educational organizations, and professional organizations and assist them in corporate, legal, and fundraising issues, recognizing that these organizations create opportunities to build linkages between business and community leaders.

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